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the story

why make a ...

The idea for the documentary came about as the filmmakers became aware of the worldwide phenom that is Funko. Born in a garage, grown to every corner of the world.


For the past 20 years, a “feeling” has been growing around this company, connected by toys, but rooted in fun, friendship and love. 2018 marks the perfect convergence of a milestone anniversary, pop culture peak awareness and global fan interaction.

This is not a “how to” for the business-minded. Neither is this a Funko commercial or fan tribute. This is an exploration of how pop culture has permeated all aspects of life, globally, through collectibles.

This is a two year study of the past 20 years of caring and sharing. Making friendships, making memories, making toys. 

Making fun. 

ABOUT funko

Headquartered in downtown Everett, WA, Funko is one of the leading creators and innovators of licensed pop culture products.


Funko designs, sources and distributes highly collectible products across multiple categories including vinyl figures, action toys, plush, apparel, housewares and accessories. 

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